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Major Case Caching - Chapter 6: Finally Mind-blowing

Chapter 6: Finally Mind-blowing
POV: Alex
Rating: M
Word Count: 1645
A/N: Because I got two comments that readers were irritated about the last chapter. The three parts in italic where fantasies Bobby told Alex so she could switch easier in a naughty mood.

"Damned, I hate my body." I felt my hot nose, knew that I was just seconds from sobbing. "It won't work tonight. I…I'm sorry Bobby." I reached for his so gentle hands and stopped the ministration of his extreme long fingers at my not existing pleasure points.

I got on my side and pressed my head hopelessly into the pillow, turned away from Bobby's disappointed gaze. He'd kneeled between my spread wide legs and had tried everything from soft to hard and slow to quick in the last hour.

As first tears moistened the case, Bobby nuzzled his long frame behind mine and pulled me into a never ending embrace. His legs and arms wrapped around my shaking body and he nestled his face in the curve of my neck. That felt so good.

"I don't understand my body. I…I hoped so much that with you…that with you everything would change, but…" I choked.

"Don't cry, Alex." Bobby rolled me onto my back again and wiped away my tears. "We just started this experiment and maybe my words weren't naughty enough."

"Oh Bobby, they were. You were perfect…perfect and wonderful. Didn't you see my blushing nose?" I reached for his handsome, soft face and with my fingertips traced the contours of his full lips. "I hope we will try a lot of your fantasies," I whispered with flushing cheeks.

"All," he breathed in my mouth, and kissed me passionately. His tongue tasted so sweet and played in my mouth as if it had a lifetime of experiences. With swollen lips Bobby murmured, "And I thought that you were close two or three times…very close."

"I…I was," I replied sighing. "So I begged you not to stop or change anything but the last step, the point when it becomes sweet and you know there is no way back…" I shook my head.

"You didn't beg."

"Oh Bobby, I did and I'd liked to beg you for more..." I said with raspy voice.

He raised his eyebrows and an impish smiled curled his lips. I couldn't believe how quickly he was back on his knees and between my legs. Bobby grabbed me around my hips and pulled me determined close to his lap. How much I loved when a man took control and became wild. I wrapped my thighs around Bobby's butt as we came noses to nose. He rested his arms onto the pillow but his whole weight pressed down on me.

Unbelievable, his physical desire for me rubbed lasciviously along my revitalizing center.

"How do you do it when you are alone?"

"Vibration," I whispered, and pressed Bobby even closer with my arms and legs.

"Oh, we didn't leave anything like that here," he frowned, and opened the sole drawer of the counter which opened to the bedside. "Just protection." He produced a condom box.

I couldn't refrain from laughing. "What have you been doing in this cabin?" I snorted.

"N…nothing," Bobby protested. "You're the first person I've invited but I know that Lewis and his girlfriend were here a few times. And they weren't here to fish."

I soothingly patted his athletic arms because I noted the little 'latex free' label.

"Do you believe me that you are the first after a long drought?" Bobby confessed with earnest puppy eyes.

I nodded and snuggled against his long and hot frame. "So you were very patient," I purred, and started to distribute feather kisses on his chest. My right palm wandered dozy but determined lower and my right leg simultaneously higher. A jerk went through Bobby's whole body as I enclosed his erected manhood with my warm skin.

"Oh Alex, I want to feel you…" he groaned.

"I want you deep inside me," I gasped.

"But will you fly with me?" He opened his eyes again and looked deeply in my eyes.

"I…I don't think so," I replied blushing, and bit my lips. I froze. Bobby caught me off guard. But his warm smile reassured me again.

"Let's sleep, Alex. We don't have to rush anything…and I don't want to cum alone," he only breathed.

I nodded and got on my side with Bobby's limbs around me, his warm chest pressing against my back and his unbelievably hard cock rubbing along my butt.

What a night.

Slowly I awoke from my deep and dreamless sleep. I cheered inwardly because Bobby's highly noticeable full morning glory pushed into my back. His strong arm around my torso and his gently playing fingers on my quivering nipples set me on fire in seconds.

I moaned as I pressed my chest harder in his embrace and also Bobby groaned as my nubs hardened under his fingertips.

"Good morning,"

"Good morning," Bobby replied, and kissed my ear.

I turned slowly around and drowned in Bobby's soft and dark brown eyes. He bit his lips nervously as I got on my knees. I reached out for his hand and pulled him out of bed. My other hand sneaked clandestinely into the small drawer.

"You were so patient last night, Bobby. I think you need a little reward," I whispered in a sleepy voice as we stepped outside. The morning welcomed us with a warm breeze, birds chirping and a breathtaking blue sky.

With caution I guided my partner to the end of the footbridge. The sun just dawned behind the hut. I sat down and pulled the perplexed Bobby between my legs. I passed him the hidden condom and lay down on the sun-warmed wood, making me ready for our next step.

"I want you now," I whispered, and a deep sigh escaped my throat as Bobby's lips met first my throat and then wandered deeper to my breasts.

"Are you ready?" I barely heard through the wildly rushing blood of my ears and I jerked as Bobby's long middle finger caressed my folds and he pushed carefully into me.

"Oh yes you are." Now his lips were on my ear. "So delicious slicky, Alex? The whole night?"

"Yes," I whimpered and spread my thighs more open. Taking my gaze off the sparkling water surface and back again on Bobby's marvelous body. "I feel so safe," was the last thing I said before he muffled my mouth with his lips. But with our eyes we talked furthermore.

Bobby asked for my consent one last time.

I granted it.

As he entered me, he asked me to relax and I did. I let go and just enjoyed our union.

Bobby moved and rotated in delightful circles inside me. He moved his hips slowly, quickly, pushed his manhood tenderly and stronger and I tried everything to meet him in the midway. He had exactly the right size not too huge to hurt and not too small. Bobby could move wonderfully inside me and he really was so attentive to look for all points and angles I maybe could enjoy.

I was so involved in our amorous play that I didn't sense first light contractions and the slight trace of sweetness in my inside. But Bobby's enthusiastic face let me listen attentively.

"Where is your spot, Alex? Where should I focus my attention?" he asked excited as the next contraction caught his dick.

"J…just move on," I stuttered fevered, and with excited wide eyes. "Oh Bobby, it can't be."

"Let go, baby. I'll do the rest and let you fly. Just enjoy us." Bobby grabbed for my hips and pushed a bit more purposefully.

"Oh God," I gasped. "Sweet, so sweet. Don't stop, Bobby. Please don't stop."

"Never, my sweetie." I couldn't describe how good the soft skin over his genitals felt rubbing against my clit and Venus mons and how horny I got with his powerful penis pampering my cervix and all the other sweet spots deep inside me.

"Do I reach you?" I nodded. "You're so beautiful. That is so special. Oh yes Alex, you feel so good and now let go. You're safe."

This was exactly the right combination of action and words I needed to reach that no way back point. "Yah Bobby, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop," I groaned, and wrapped as tightly as I could around my gentle partner."

He grunted and peeled my legs off of his sweating body to bend my knees toward my ears. This way I was perfectly positioned for his last thrusts and my first orgasm after years.

The explosion started deep in my center and the contractions overflowed my whole body with new and newer waves. I saw stars, I trembled and groaned with pleasure…finally it was mind blowing.

I didn't notice Bobby's climax. I lost time, space and my breath and as I came back to earth and lay shivering beside him, his strong arms and legs tenderly enclosing me. Around his features was that impish grin. His eyes told the world he was the one…the one and only who…

…but there was much more in that gentle face. There was respect and happiness. I had finally found what I had been looking for for so long.


I rolled my eyes, "Unbelievable, is more the truth." I nuzzled my blushing face into Bobby's chest. "God Bobby, what we did…it was extraterrestrial." It was so wonderful to feel his laugh as I rested on his belly.

"Extraterrestrial? I'm not an alien, Eames." Bobby pulled me higher for a lovely kiss. "But you're a goddess."

"Thank you!"

"No Alex, I thank you," he whispered, and our lips met again. Feathery they lay one upon the other. I slowly opened my mouth and then Bobby his. He sucked affectionately on my lower lip and I teased with the tip of my tongue his upper lip. Although we had devoured each other just minutes ago, we now were innocent like high school kids with their first love experimenting with first prohibited tenderness.
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