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Major Case Caching - Chapter 7: Naughty theories

Chapter 7: Naughty theories
POV: First Bobby then Alex
Rating: T
Word Count: 589

"Maybe you have to see what my fingers and my tongue do with your sweet yummy clit and your soft folds?" I reviewed the theory I'd built last night, as Alex had slept peacefully in my arms.

"What?" she asked puzzled while taking her soft lips off that special spot under my ear.

"I mean, last night as I spoilt you," I cleared my throat, "between your legs. Maybe when you can watch what I do to you, maybe then your brain switched or clicked and your body releases…"

"You mean I need big mirrors all over my bedroom?"

"Yes, and spotlights…" We giggled. "It was just a thought."

"Perhaps…?" Alex shrugged and changed the topic, "Will you come with me for a little cool-down in the lake?"

"Now?" I asked a bit thrilled. "No, I feel so wonderful dizzy. But I'll watch you."

Alex sat up and her lovely flushed body glided into the cold. I also got up and dangled my legs over the dock. The water was refreshing, but I couldn't bring myself to follow Alex even through her nudity lured me. And it didn't get better. Alex returned to the pier with a few strokes and lay on her back allowing me to see more of her body than I could stand.

I was again fully erected and that dirty smile around Alex's mouth made me predict badly. She drifted to my legs and twisted upright. Pressing her smooth breast against my shin, Alex held me around the waist. I didn't feel her cold hands because she moved her soft lips and her warm mouth closer and closer my lap…I was in heaven.


After enjoying and spoiling each other mutually on the beach, too Bobby and I had packed our stuff and cleaned up. Bobby locked the hut and hid the keys. We didn't take the bus back to his car. We hiked along the shortest way. It took as long to get back to Bobby's Mustang at Mirror Lake as it had to do our zigzag cache hunt in the depths of Harriman State Park.

I had to confess, necking with Bobby made me forget the time.

Like a gentleman, he'd driven me to Rockaway and promised to come back later to stay the night. Bobby had just wanted to change his clothes and get a few things so we could start directly from my home to work tomorrow. I had promised to wait for him, so we could do the online logging of our found caches together.

But now I didn't think of logging the caches, I just awaited wistfully with a towel turban around my head for Bobby to return and more experiments. How I could get addicted to my lover in under twenty-four hours? I strolled through the whole house and found no peace.

The doorbell made me jerk and get wet at the same time. Was I a horny teenager or an adult cop? Slowly I walked toward my front door and found my partner leaning on my door frame. Bobby had changed into jeans and wore a simple black stripped button down shirt. He also had taken a shower. His face was clean shaved. He bent deeper and pressed his delicious lips on mine.

"Did you log?"


"Do you want to log now?"

I bit my lips and shook my head.

"Good." Bobby grinned and then passed me a little camcorder. "Shell we explore my watching-clicking-theory?"

I gasped. And slowly nodded my agreement with a knowing smile.

The end

Thanks for reading Major Case Caching.
We'll read us again, Antje
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