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Meeting Susan and more CI

“Apparently when tourists take a bite out of the Big Apple, the apple isn't supposed to bite back.”

New York City 19th September to 30th September.

Day Three – Tuesday, 21st September

Tuesday was Susan Day. We had a date at Grand Central under the clock around 10:30 am. Luckily my mom and I got an express subway from Fulton St/Broadway-Nassau, so we arrived with 15 minutes plus our destination – using the time to get an own subway map (very, very helpful the next days) and getting nervous.

Linda (Susan’s wonderful sister, who accompanied her into the city) spotted us first and then the big hello began. I was so nervous but the click, I had felt with Hannah the year ago, happened again. Of course you write nearly every day a person but to meet…

I got Eric Bogosian’s CI hoody and we headed off with a cab via Central Park.

On our way we saw the Burberry Tower and Susan took a picture for Hannah ;o)


Inside the park we walked slowly to the boat house. Central Park is amazing. You’re finally in peace in this loud city. All the noises were swallowed from the nature, a nature very equally to Berlin.

Central Park 1  Central Park 2  Central Park 3

After lunch we headed off to the first geocache close the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. Susan must have help to reach the hole in the tree. I was once again too small.

Cachen 1 Cachen 2

After two more caches plus Strawberry Fields (John Lennon Memorial) and the up and down around 'the lake' Susan couldn't go on. I exhausted her.

Strawberry Fields

We said good bye on height of Dakota Building...I passed Danny’s yellow pin I had moved earlier from the hoody to my ‘Goren Knows Everything’ shirt, the hoody and I got Eric's autographs and the call sheets. We still separated but Susan turned back around and in the end I also got the pen Vincent signed our pictures at Joe’s Pub. Will I take it to Breslau for luck??? Tickets are ordered and I bucked a hotel for the week end…

Thanks so much Susan and Linda for these wonderful hours which passed so quickly. Next time we don’t cache, we just hang up.

My mom and me found two more caches plus the Earth Cache in Central Park and then meet again CSI: NY...lol. We just saw the crew stuff everything and there were no actors far or close. Would they be Wednesday in Rockaway at the beach? If yes, I would get a little paranoid.

Cachen 3

Slowly we walked to East River over 60th Street to reach the Tram, but it was out of order since a few months :o( Damned, my mom really was looking for the floating to Roosevelt Island.

But on our way we entered the biggest candy shop I ever saw – three floors and found this:


A lot of celebrities signed their most favorite candies...Kathryn, did it, too.

Okay no flying with the Tram ropeway so we drove with a bus to Gramercy Park. I didn't found his home (no fit in all points), even after coming back a few days later with really long time looking at the MILK pictures. But I’m not that obsessed to spend half a day with this. But I’m obsessed enough to drive to Poland for the choice of seeing Don’t go in the Woods and maybe him.

After Gramercy we drove to Chelsea Piers...how beautiful. The sun went down and we had a wonderful view to Jersey.

Chelsea Piers 1

A wonderful place to relax. I really like to rest there for a few moments and imagined Kathryn and Vincent over the water while waiting for the next take. The whole docking area...Pier 59 to 61 is a big sports and fun area but at Pier 59 there is also a studio.


Is this the entrance to heaven? Maybe??? And now there will be one more season. We got the news at this Tuesday. Unbelievable. It was really the perfect CI day.

We didn’t saw the Law & Order Way sign at our first visit, but as we came back to Chelsea Piers a few days later I took totally surprised a picture.

Law & Order Way

At the end we entered The High Line (old subway tracks...now a park; I think there they filmed ITWSH, Mike and Carolyn finding the death girl) and enjoyed the sunset and also the Hamburg-Feelings before driving back to Brooklyn.

 Chelsea Piers 2 High Line 1 High Line 2
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