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Shippers 20 in 20 - Round 4

My entry for round 4 of shipper20in20.
Dr. Jacob Hood & Rachel Young from Eleventh Hour

With thanks to l0vemetender and dreamsofkate for their textures and yanagi for the brushes.

I was so happy as I heard that kabel1 would re-run Eleventh Hour. I planned to tape every episode and play a little with the lovely characters. But the network didn’t like the ratings and canceled the show after three airings…great. I was still set in this challenge as I found out. But luckily there are a few set pictures online plus the two episodes and I could play with Rachel and Jacob.

For more information about the CBS show click here and here.

Bewitching Dark or Light Haunted Harvest Dreams Horror
Moonlight Save Me Trick Treat Witching Hour

Category: October

Artist's Choice
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Plus three variations:

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