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Worst Friends

First Kathryn’s consent to come back to Criminal Intent for he last season with eight episodes (we would need 15 shows to hit the magical 200) and now the announcement of Worst Friends – a feature film project by Richard Tanne…

…what a great time.

Tagline: Even in the best of times...they were the worst of friends.

Storyline: Jack and Sam are childhood friends who never got along. Loud, charismatic, and more than occasionally obnoxious, Jack always overshadowed the more reserved and intellectual Sam. After high school they drifted apart and eventually became estranged.

Now in their twenties, Jack is forced to move back to their hometown in New Jersey while recovering from a debilitating car accident, and the only person willing to take care of him is Sam.

As they try to live in the same space, they find that old habits die hard, especially when Sam's old crush Zoe moves back into the neighborhood. Can they find harmony from the discord?

Kathryn will play Sam’s mom in this comedy and here you can see three on set pictures. With thanks to Nantz for posting the pictures and allowing me to re-post them and special thanks to Heather for her pre-sharing with me.

Worst Friends 01

 Worst Friends 02

 Worst Friends 03

Kathryn looked better and better every time.

by Ralph Arend

Written by Ralph Arend (screenplay), Noah Barrow (story), Richard Tanne (story)

Produced by

Ralph Arend .... producer
Noah Barrow .... producer
Erika Hampson .... producer
Richard Tanne .... producer
Plus 126 Backers

Cinematography by Vincent Peone

Richard Tanne ... Jake
Noah Barrow ... Sam
Kristen Connolly ... Zoe
Larry Fessenden ... Jerry
Kathryn Erbe ... Sam's Mom
Sarah Wynter ... Linda
Deanna Russo ... Cassandra
Sara Chase ... Sara
Cody Horn ... Lily
Bridget Burke ... Julie
Josh Ruben ... Marky
Brandon Bales ... Delivery Guy
Holly Taylor ... Little Girl

They filmed the movie between 14th and 23rd August. What a busy month for Kathryn. She filmed Mother’s House at the beginning of August.

They are now in post production and editing, if I read the updates on Richard Tanne’s homepage and on kickstarter right.

I really liked the idea to collect money from fans to realize the project. Everyone who donated will be listed in the end credits of the movie. What a shame I didn’t know earlier. I had loved to support one of Kathryn’s films.

At least a short video of Richard Tanne were he explained his project and how he planned to spend the donated money. I hope it will work here too. If not go to my blog or to kickstarter.

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