havers (havers) wrote,

The War at Home Picspam

This is my first picspam ever. Last week I watched The War at Home...again and capped the episode by myself. After running through all the 6000 caps numerous times I couldn't threw away 370 of them. Under the cut you'll find 32 pictures which impressed me most.

The War at Home Picspam
Damed end of the holidays
Biting my lips I don’t want to
Coming later Smelling good
She did everything Lies
I love his hair Not Lilah
Stunning legs So much green
Please don’t
Presenting everything So yummy
Perfect Badge Cap Stormy
Even more wind Sigh
Away Gulp
No words Guilty
Oh He’s back
Inexcuseable Cool cap
Cold shoulder…rightly More lips maltreating
Last gaze I don’t care…I don’t believe
Tags: artwork, season: six
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