havers (havers) wrote,

Show me your closet and your jewell box

I wanted to make a sequel of my show me your closet entry for so long. Finally I found the time to put all my discoveries together. Like I said the last time. I love that Kathryn is such a normal woman and wore her favorite clothes more than one time.

I can’t wait of Thursday and new pictures of her at the Animal League event. Maybe we discover another garment we saw before.

Really interesting is if Kathryn did that second wearing, she often did it in the same year. I would love to see again the black blouse of the USA event and also the beige satin blouse. But I beg that we’ll see the brown shoes again. Not my taste, but Kathryn must really like them or they are more comfortable than they look.
Tags: kathryn, red carpet
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